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The Best KIDS Books for English Second Language Learners

on Fri, 30/05/2014 - 14:31

I have been writing about BILINGUAL Learning at home and gave you some practical tips HOW TO start.
You can read the articles here...


In this post you'll find the best books to use when you start introducing English as (first) or second language.
One click on the image will bring you to the right book on amazon. 
Because a book looks so beautiful in your livingroom, I believe MUCH better then a TV!

Ho scritto due articoli che parlano del BILINGUISMO, clikate sull i'mmagine



Ecco per voi una lista dei libri che uso per insegnare l'inglese ai più piccoli.
Clikate l'immagine che vi porta immediatamente su amazon Inglese, ma se volete troverete i stessi libri su per prezzi inferiore!
Perchè un libro è molto più bello ed interessante di una TV!

*Butta via la tua TV e installa al suo posto una libreria!


0 to 1 year old

Roger Priddy - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Nursery Rhymes

The very best way of making a start with the English anguage is through sounds and music.
I always say: learning a new language is like learning to listen to another kind of melody...
All Priddy  Nursery rhymes Books are highly qualified for babies. 
I saw that in september comes a new babybox set of nurseryrhymes with CD and plush Toy!
Can't wait to order that (see it here --> Nursery Rhymes (Baby Boxsets) ).

DK Publising - Colors and Shapes

This book uses colorful images, simple text, and fun "I spy" games to introduce curious babies to the world!

Roberta Grober - PEEK A BOO

Babies love to look at other babies. 
In real life, but also in books.
That's why this little book is very much loved in my baby playgroup!

The peek a boo game is by the way one of the best games to do with your little one.
We have so much fun when we sing and do our peek a book song.
Please CLICK here or on the picture if you want to see it!

Priddy Books - Meal Time 

Shows beautiful pictures of fruit and vegetables that can be touched too!

Usborn Touchy - Feel -  That’s not my snowman/ colours

All Usborn books are so lovely for young children.
They are made especially for small hands to grab, touch, and explore.

Karen Katz - Baby’s box of fun

I can't help it, but I feel in love with all books of Karen Katz...if only having enough money!
Her books are so easy and interactive, this box with inside three books are a great present for a babyshower too.

Emily Gravett - Orange Pear Apple Bear

One of the funniest books for little ones that I've found on the net is Orange Pear Apple Bear.
Easy rhyming and learning about the most important fruits (and a bear.....!)

** TIP: I use real fruit while telling this story.
The kids smell, touch and eat them!

Margaret Wisw Brown - Goodnight Moon

Such a cute little story about saying goodnight, sweet dreams in a  lovely way. A classic book!

Counting (and feeling) to three

Numbers that can be touched makes a book so much more valuable!


1 to 3 years old

LadyBird - Peppa Pig Nurseryrhymes and Songs/three pigs/three bears/ and many more!

A favorite publisher in our house is ladybird.  
They became famous around here because of their sensorial fairytales and ofcourse PEPPA PIG!
I have been using their fairytales to act out red riding hood, the three pigs, Goldilocks and Red Ridinghood.
My daughter learnt many nurseryrymes thanks to the cd going together with Peppa's rhymes sung by the cutest little boy.

** Click HERE to see cool PIG crafts for little hands!

Dear Zoo - Rod Campbell

A good first book that shares all about the most important zoo animals.
Interactive because of the flaps and the animals can be touched too!

When we play with the (zoo) animals we love to sing our animal songs.
Old Mac Donald had a farm or Hickory Dickory Dock.
This is a craft we did while talking and  learning about the zoo.

Eric Carl - Hungry catterpillar

ALL, but really ALL books written by Eric Carle are fabulous according to my opinion.
His artwork is unique and his stories are funny, yet very educational.
The very Hungry Catterpillar talks about nature: from catterpillar to butterfly;
Numbers; Days of the week; colours; different food (and what it does to your body).
We love love love this book!

** Click HERE to see the best Catterpillar creations!

Andrew Zuckerman - Creature ABC

This book takes away your breath...
AMAZING pictures of animals and a first approach towards the alphabet.

Camilla Reid - Lulu’s Lunch

Lulu is a cool creation!
Lovely girly drawings and very nice interactive stories with surprising ends! 

Leo Lionni - Little Blu and Little Yellow 
A book about colors and mixing them.
Isn't it true that mixing colors is one of the best SCIENCE activities?

** Click HERE to see COLOR Crafts for kids!

Leo Lionni - A color of his own

All about animals and their colors with beautiful drawings.

Tad Hills - Duck and Goose

Incredible sweet stories for young kids!
Absolutely recommended :)

Lucy Cousin - Happy Birthday Maisy/ Sweet dreams / Weather book/ Sticker books

My preschoolers adore Maisy and her little adventures that speaks about daily life things.
The books are interactive with flaps or touchy parts.
Especially the sticker books we love to retell and make a story of our own.

Counting to five with this cool song from Baby Genius

5 little monkeys jumping on the bed we sing that all the time here at home.
Maybe because I have a little monkey who loves to jump on her bed ;)


3 to 6 years old

The BOB books have been recommended by me by fellow bloggers.
I personally don't know them yet, but can't wait to check them out!

Herve Tullet - Press Here

Another fantastic book that makes you want to crawl inside of it.
It's stimulating you to touch, shake, turn the book upside downs.
An absolute surprising book...BUY IT! 

Karen Katz - Grandma and me/ Little book of manners- Excuse me/ I can share

Important words to elarn and PLEASE, EXCUSE ME, THANK YOU, I AM SORRY...
This book makes it so much more clear why and when we use politeness

Nicola Smee - Funny Face
This book will make you laugh!
It's very funny and the story is easy to follow for young ones who are learning about different kind of emotions.

** CLICK HERE to see some FACE and FEELINGS crafts you can do!

This book was recommended to me by one of the best teachers of the world Deborah Stewart who writes at TEACH PRESCHOOL.
All of her blogs are just wonderful because there is always a link to a book that goes together with the activity og the specific blogpost.

** CLICK HERE to see a Five Sense craft for kids!

The day it rained hearts - Felicia Bond

One of the cutest little stories that I've read and we've invented a cool movement activity to play together with the book..

Cut many hearts, Put them in a Blanket, Put the Blanket above the child's head, Let them fall Down after having sung the I Love You Song --> CLICK HERE!

A new house for mouse - Petr Horacek

A great book to start learning about big and small in an unusual way.
We loved to read it and after ifcourse ate an apple to see it's shape change!

Mary McKenna - Millions of Snowflakes

I use this lovely story to talk about verbs and actions with my students. And aftyer we've read it, we enjoy to act it out..swirling, picking up, feeling, and becoming a snowflake.
Look at this video where we are making indoor snowballs! 

** CLICK HERE to see a snowflake craft!

The way I feel - Janan Cain
Preschoolers learn a second language better when it's done through rhyme and songs.
The way I feels combines GREAT rhymes with daily emotional feelings.
Also the drawings are very beautiful and express that what the text is saying.

All books from Dr. Seuss
Personally I don't know Dr. Seuss books very well.
But I've heard fomr my blogging friends that they are great for early readers because they're on rhyme and very very funny and unsual.
Time for us to order this box!!!!

Ten! - Mem Fox - 10 little fingers and toes
A very good book for counting to 10 and 20 but also to talk about diversity with your kid.
Adorable story with beautiful immages.

and sometimes we parents have to make up our own stories too..This is a story that I wrote myself. Click HERE to hear and see it!


...BUT there are so many incredible good books for young readers out there.
Please let me know your favorite books too, especially the ones that are easy to read and follow for second language readers and their parents!!

One more TIP!
One of my favorite blogs on reading out loud stories & languagedevelopment is LITTLE STORIES.
She did this amazing video on telling a DUCK Story to two toddlers..
You can look at the video Here.

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