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Me in my World - 5 ideas how to play with kids and their town

on Thu, 26/06/2014 - 14:29

I was lucky to organize a fabulous bilingual summercamp for older kids of the elementary school here in the centre of Lecco (North Italy, Lake Como).

Lecco offers many oppurtunities for kids during summerholidays, so I tried to prepare 5 mornings of something simple yet special for these children in the age between 6 and 11 years old.  

Me and my dear collegue Claudia decided to let them become tourists in their own town, teaching them English and making them practice that English outside the protective walls of my little English Second Language "Early Language Learners" - school.
It was effective, lots of fun and very creative.

I show you some pictures and tell you what we did.

Day 1 - Me and my Body

The thread of the week was  being tourists in Lecco, and very special tourists. Starting our week with this song:

I am special (Frère Jacques)

I am special

I am special

If you look, you will see

Someone very special, someone very special

It is me! It is me!

Am I a crocodile? NOOOOO!

Am I a bee? NOOOOOO!


During the first day we created our own life size bodies (bough online by Yellow Moon), singing head, shoulders knees and toes, learning about the inside and the outside of our bodies. Being inspired by Pinocchio, we've learnt that our body has so many awesom potentials and that we're not made out of wood.
Our favorite book was "Me and my amazing body" .

Day 2 - Me in my town!

On the second day of our bilingual summercamp we thought of creating a mini version of Lecco inside of the school and after that going out exploring Lecco with our handmade map. We've learnt new words and places in English as Church; Bakery; Toyshop; the Park and Bookshop. Reading "Me in my town" we saw that our world is enormous big starting from our room, we saw our house, our street, our town, our state, our country and space. 

The favorite song of the day was "The Pinocchio" song by SuperSimpleLearning, a great movement song to learn about left and right.

Day 3 - Me in the shop

Finally on the third day we did a big jump forward to explore Italian people in our role as very special tourists. During circle time the kids learnt, spoke and played with the concept of food shopping. Their homework was to choose a recipe we could make together during picknick time, to learn the ingredients, find and buy these in the supermarket.

We've let them create out of nothing their own wallets, each group received some money from us to be spend in the right product from the shop.

We've read a funny book called "Lulu's Lunch" and spoke about "I Like" and "I don't Like", we also played and sang about good manners singing "The No and Thank you song" by

Day 4 - Me in the picture

On the fourth day we had the beautiful experience of having a real expert in our middle. Her name is Laura and she loves to make photos, in 10 simple steps she explained the kids how to make a good picture. For example never make a picture looking inside the sun otherwise you'll have a blacklight-effect.

After playing with their own camera, we took the children outside. The group made pictures from themselves, "selfies", from nature, from other people and typical things in Lecco.

Not only we played a guessing game with some of the pictures "Who is it?", speaking about the colour of the hair, eyes, tshirt, but we also used some of the pictures as a centerpiece for our own kind of streetart.

Day 5 - Me in the museum

Our last morning was spent inside a very interesting natural historical museum "Palazzo Belgioiso" where we saw and learnt more the dinosaur found inside and around the lake of Como.

Before entering the museum we've created our own fossils with homemade playdough and plastic dinosaur.

Around the Museum we let the kids search for indications that led them to the final station of receving their well deserved certificate "I am a very special tourist". 

Our special tourists catching their shining lights

******** NOVITà*********

Dopo una settimana fantastica  con 14 stelline brillante ho una nuova occasione per insegnare in modo diverso l'Inglese ai ragazzi da 6 a 10 anni.
Sarà una preparazione per il rientro a scuola. La programmazione segue presto!


120 euro

Secondo Fratello 20% disconto.

Indirizzo dove si svolge il campo estivo:
Cooperativa sociale "La linea dell'Arco"via Balicco, 11 – 23900 Lecco - Tel. 0341 362281

Informazioni e iscrizione da:

Angelique Felix - 333


Early Language Learners è creato da Angelique Felix. 

Un progetto di vita per prepare i nostri figli a diventare cittadini del mondo. 



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