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Happy Birthday Story

on Sat, 13/08/2016 - 19:38

Which child doesn't like to read a book about a birthday?!

We love the book "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAISY" by Lucy Cousins! It's a lovely, easy story that features all important things that should happen on a child's birthdayparty. Receiving birthday cards, blowing out the candles on the birthday cake, doing games and opening presents. I've read this book many many times to children of all ages and nobody ever told me that the book wasn't good.

After reading the book I discuss the question: "HOW OLD ARE YOU?" with my english students. They learn to answer: "I am ... years old". Followed by crafting a birthday cake on what everyone can draw candles represeting their their own age. Or I use some laminated drawed birthday cakes on what the kids create their candles using playdough. BIG succes!

Have fun!

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