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101 ways to celebrate happiness - happy holidays in happy homes 4

on Mon, 03/12/2012 - 12:54

During the month of november SolgavePlayDrMom and I write about happy holidays in happy homes.
We've already shared:
 LOVE & soulmates'Becoming a Parent' and last week's 'Creating a (Two person) Family'.

Our goal is to get back to the basics of christmas...Feeling LUCKY with what we have!

Here we are at the end of a very special parenting series in which we have been showing you our passion for life, love and our kids. In this last article all three of us - Solgave, PlayDrMom and myself, share each 33 activities with you that keeps us safe and happy as a family.These things are sometimes very simple but believe us, they have an enormous BONDING power.

We send you our best holiday wishes and please may I say once more, before letting you heading off reading our happiness tips that “The best things in Life are for FREE”...

so let’s start doing them, save money and gain a lot of good (family) time.


While browsing through my ideas you can listen to this special song I wrote for the Creative Christmas Countdown 2012. HERE....

101 ways to celebrate happiness!!

These activities are the very best for me:

1) Take care of yourself as a mom! Happy mama=happy kids. I know when I am tired and stressed, I am not the best mom and wife that *I* can be. Take a few minutes each day to do something that you love doing such as reading or take a bath. (a great advice by love play and learn)

2) Being proud of the fact that my child choose me as her mother! 

3) Kiss my partner and love him for who he is.

4) Family time is so important. Unplug and spend quality time enjoying each other. Family date nights have become a highlight for our family. (great advice by Housing A Forest) or schedule family time, then choose unplugged activities you all enjoy. (great advice by MamaSmiles

5) Showing moms how to massage their baby 

6) Doing science with kitchen tools and ordinary ingredients

7)  When anyone in your family is talking to you, look at them in the eyes and not your phone/ipad/computer! ---> (great advice by 'what do we do all day')

8) Letting a Kid be a kid, no interference with an adult agenda

9) Hearing my daughter sing the cutest christmas song ever! 

10) Sing about rainbows.....

11) Put your family first. Make a commitment to stay together if at all reasonable and possible. Spending TIME now with your children while they are young will prevent many problems in the future if they know that you love them unconditionally, will always be there for them, and they can come to you with any problem. Experience the joy of being their parent. (great advice by Kindergarten & Preschool for Parents & Teachers).

12) Teach babies and toddlers the love for the english language 

13) Having lots of fun letting little ones prepare breakfast and clean their teeth

14) Drinking tea in the bed before sleeping.... 

15) Visit Reggio Emilia in Italy and meet like minded teachers who believe in the power of free play for happy lifestyle for children

16) Creating a relaxing flower bath for me and my kid 

17) Playing outside, exercising our gross motor skills, stimulating the 5 senses in every kind of weather 

18) Setting up a playspace where this happens....

19) Using Musical games to speak another kind of language 

20) Learn how to say no. Too much of a good thing (sports, activities) is bad and detracts from your time together as a family. (great advice by

21) Crawling into the skin of PIPI and sleep with my feet on the pillow ;)

22) Doing the wheels on the bus in a COMPLETE different way as also all these other Movement games! (click on the picture to see and hear it!)

23) Eat meals together. (great advice by Red Ted Art)

24) Dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood or a Fearful Bearhunter.

25) Read these inspiring 28 things your family needs to hear you say (by 'Inspired by Family Mag').

26) Seeing how Chanel Reads a book out loud for all stuffed animals...

27) Doing things I’ve never done a super easy fairydress for example 

28) Take time to talk to your partner about what you both want for your happy family regularly. Times and situations change.A shared vision and support keeps everyone on track and the communication flowing. (great advice by 'raising playful tots')

29) Sing a sweet love song for a pregnant woman and her unborn child 

30) Going on a VESPA date with my LUIGI..... 

31) Remembering that a family is made up of individual and unique people. Try and take time to honour those individuals. (great advice by kitchen counter chronicles). 

32) Listening to Buble’s Christmas CD’s during summer, autumn, winter and spring!

33) Take every moment for what it is, no judging, no regrets, simple accepting one day at a time.......

Now go on to Solgave to read their everlasting happiness activites number 34-66....and then 67-100 at PlayDrMom’s Blog.

And number 101?? WE would love YOU! to tell us ;)

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The series was brought to you by three blogging parents: is more than a blog, it's a unique philosophy of life shared by Jared, an American now living in Sweden, and his wife Sunniva originally from Norway, and her 4 year old daughter Gabi, as they navigate the waters of life by focusing on the core elements that define them. Nature, animals, families, travel, healing, and overcoming obstacles are some of the things they share with passion.

PlayDRMom is a mother of 2 and a clinical psychologist specializing in children and play therapy. Her blog is dedicated to promoting the importance of play and strengthening relationships with children. - The Magic Of Play is on a mission to bring play back in daily lives through bilingual songs, movement & creativity. Angelique teaches 0 to 6 years old in Italy, but comes from the Netherlands. She is a single mom loving passionately her only daughter Chanel every day. And she thinks it’s strange to write about herself in the third person :)


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