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Canzoncina Inglese e Scheda da Colorare per Carnevale

on Wed, 26/02/2014 - 11:17

* picture from the book "The Way I Feel" - Janan Chain


Silly Funny Face Song for the funniest festival of the year CARNIVAL

Canzoncina di Carnevale in Inglese per bambini

(on the melody 'SKIP TO MY LOU' -> listen for the tune to use here)


"A silly face for Carnival

Funny eyes, ears, mouth, nose

My favorite festival!


I make a silly face for carnival

It's my favorite, funny festival!"


**NON dimenticare di ascoltare la mia canzone di carnevale che ho fatto per voi! è in Italiano ** 


Printables to color and to make (you can print the pdf's at the end of the post)

Schede da colorarare e da fare (stampa le pdf che trovi alla fine del blog)


(here in Italy we use "coriandoli" to brighten up the streetfestival of Carnival, these are small colored round pieces of paper which to use to cover the partyhat.
A great fine motorskills activity!) - The Magic Of Play is on a mission to bring play back in daily lives through bilingual songs, movement & creativity. Angelique teaches 0 to 6 years old in Italy, but comes from the Netherlands. She is a single mom loving passionately her only daughter Chanel every day. And she thinks it’s strange to write about herself in the third person :)


I am on a misison of Play!
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