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Angelique Felix Biography

on Mon, 28/03/2011 - 21:58

How wonderful that you stop by on my blog 'The Magic Of Play'!

I consider PLAY as the most important tool for learning.

"Allow kids to shape their own small world
and they grow up knowing that
they can shape the BIG world tomorrow"

Teachers can find playful ways to teach babies, toddlers and preschoolers about the essentials for daily life. From routines to numbers.
Parents can find creative ideas how to spend time with their children. 

On the blog you will find more on:

Babymassage'InfantMassage & BabyPlay'
Movement 'Movement with kids'

Learning through Play & Songs for young kids - 'Fun learning with Kids'
Reggio Emilia's Approach - 'Reggio Inspired'
VIDEO Channels 'YOUTUBE' - I create for buzzmyvideos @YOUTUBE where you can find 150+ of my free educational videos!

and a special topic called Playful Parenting that I heart very much!

I see myself like this

☀A conscious living woman, in love with life.
☀Mother of Chanel (7), who is being raised in three languages.
☀My child's most favorite toy.
☀Author of a Dutch movment book for young children "Spelend in beweging, bewegen met peuters en kleuters".
☀Early experiences expert through play,movement and creativity (0-6 years old).
☀Infant massage teacher (International Association of Infant Massage).
☀ Leading “Mommy & me” - workshops.
☀Innerchild awakener for teachers, educators and others.

The longer version

I was born in Maastricht (the Netherlands) back in the seventies. In that time we were playing outside most of the times, swinging, building houses in trees, running and skipping. After my highschool-period I decided to study Law at the University of Maastricht and specialized in social and medical law.

Since I was always attracted by children and their education, my work career was following naturally this path. I worked many years as an advisor for schools, welfare-organisations and the local government in (multicultural) Amsterdam. Here I also had the great chance to do projects for the national government. While my educational experience increased I changed my ways of looking at beliefsystems from adults to children. I saw the effect of bringing the life outside the school inside the school on children, their parents, and people living in the neighboorhood. I became a fan of "it takes a village to raise a child".

Besides working for children I always had a passion for travelling and foreign languages, this brought me in 2003 to Italy, Lecco. Here I started to study in Milan for social assistent specialized in working with small children and for language-cultural mediator. There was a great oppurtunity for me to practice what I always preached at the International School of Como (ISC Como) where I worked in the kindergarten-section. Here my play-sessions with toddlers started and this ended up in writing and publising a book in 2009 "Spelend in beweging, bewegen met peuters en kleuters".

Coming from a playing outside-scene, I noticed how play had changed over the years and that children became more and more couch potatoes or backseat-children being transported by their parents to after school-clubs. There always seemed to be a rush in raising our children. Becoming a mother and immediately after having to deal with breastcancer were transforming factors inspirering me to expand my mission "Let's build our next generation together" around the world!

Time to play! Time for fun! Time for being who you are!

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